This article looks at the logical consequences of common Christian beliefs about babies and shows that these beliefs, if acted upon, would put an end to Christians raising children and therefore to Christianity.

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Christians Have a Moral Duty to Abort All Their Children

In accordance with their own beliefs, Christians should either not get pregnant or they should abort all their children before birth. Christians who do allow themselves to get pregnant have in fact a moral duty to abort their children: their babies have the right to be aborted.

Abortion is a human right

Let's have a look at Christian beliefs and how they lead to this conclusion.

According to most Christians, an unborn baby is a human with an eternal soul destined to end up either in heaven or in hell.

A couple of questions arise.

1: When does that eternal soul come into existence?

This would have to happen at an instant in time: it is hard to imagine it happening gradually as many embyos would then die with half a soul. Most will say it happens at the moment of conception (fertilisation) when the sperm enters the ovum. This makes sense in that it seems very unlikely that it happens before the sperm and ovum meet. Also, there is no obvious time after fertilisation when it might happen: the ovum divides into 2 cells, then 4, then 8 and so on, eventually being differentiated into different types of tissue, then developing organs, limbs etc. The assumption that a soul is created at the time of conception is the basis for the claim by anti-abortionists that abortion is wrong at any stage and that even the use of the morning-after pill is wrong because the fertilised ovum is already a person with an eternal soul.

2: If a child dies before birth, before gaining any understand of God’s requirements and before accepting Christ, will it go to heaven or to hell?

Christians are less agreed on this one. Some say, because no one can enter the kingdom unless they be born again, that they go to hell. They see this as unfortunate, but the fault of man because of his sin, not the fault of God.

Hell fire

Over half of fertilised human ova do not implant and develop to successful birth and adulthood, instead being flushed out with the next period, miscarried at a later stage or dying as infants. A couple who have three children will probably, therefore, have produced at least three conceptions which didn’t mature and, therefore, three souls who are now in hell. It is also quite possible that some or all of the three live births will develop into people who are not saved and they will go to hell too. The only humane option for Christians who say babies go to hell is therefore not to get pregnant.

On the other hand, many Christians say that a baby who dies before birth or when it is too young to make a decision, will go to heaven. Dubious biblical support for this view comes from Matthew 18:3: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." Most Christians adopt this view on the premise that God is love and wouldn't torture an innocent child. Whatever the rationale, this is probably the majority view among Christians.


Assuming this to be the case, then any child who dies as a baby or who is aborted before birth, has a guaranteed passage to heaven. Letting the child be born and grow up, on the other hand, risks the child becoming wayward and ending up in hell. The kindest and most loving thing to do, therefore, is to abort all children before they are born. In fact, it would make sense to get pregnant as many times as possible and to have an abortion every time so that as many souls as possible go to heaven. Imagine the joy when you get to heaven and meet dozens of your children who are there enjoying the blissful life, eternally grateful to you because of the decision you made.

So Christians, depending on their beliefs about where dead babies go, should either not get pregnant or should abort all their children. This of course would mean that no children are brought up as Christians. And that would likely mean the end of Christianity within two or three generations.

Unsurprisingly, this idea has never really taken off in the Christian world.

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