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Problems with Religion

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Criticism of religion

Critics of religion in general may view religion as one or more of: outdated, harmful to the individual, harmful to society, an impediment to the progress of ...

Fairly extensive Wikipedia article.

The Problem With Faith: 11 Ways Religion Is Destroying Humanity

Religion segregates people into clusters of believers and non-believers, making human unity and peace nearly impossible. It teaches people that ...

The Problem With Religion

Religious shunning is a social death penalty that results in long-term detrimental effects on mental health.

3-minute read

A Closer Look at How Religious Restrictions Have Risen Around the World

Tenth annual report dives deeper into the ways government restrictions on religion and social hostilities involving religion have changed from 2007 to 2017

6 reasons religion may do more harm than good

Religion promotes tribalism. Religion anchors believers to the Iron Age. Religion makes a virtue out of faith. Religion diverts generous impulses and good intentions. Religion teaches helplessness. Religions seek power.

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Leaving Religion

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Religious disaffiliation

Religious disaffiliation is the act of leaving a faith, or a religious group or community. It is in many respects the reverse of religious conversion.

Shortish Wikipedia article

Dealing with the Trauma of Leaving Religion Behind

Counsellor Caroline Winzenried discusses the unique trauma that comes with turning away from religion.

Religion Is an Ex I’m Still Trying to Leave Behind

Personal story of Michelle Bowd who left a high-control religious cult

6-minute read

Religious disaffiliation

Losing my religion: Who walks away from their faith and why?

Short research paper

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Huge list of atheist agnostic skeptic humanist websites

As the name implies

Aims to include links to all the world's atheist websites.

Atheist Websites

Links to atheist and related websites

The Thinking Atheist

Various resources including links to others


Atheism: definitions, arguments, history and ethics

Fairly extensive Wikipedia article

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